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About Us

Did you ever just feel that you were meant for greatness? I mean, everyone is amazing in their own right, but you just know that there is something more for you? Well, I had that thought since I was a little kid.

My sister and I had never been close, even though we were born about four minutes apart. As twins, everyone expected us to do everything together, but we each went to the beat of our own drum.

With time, though, I realized that she had all the brains, and I didn’t. See, she worked in Silicon Valley for a while and knew computers. It was her goal to be just as good as the men with which she worked, and she far surpassed them, in my opinion.

One day, she called me, and I was so shocked, I answered. Remember, we weren’t that close, so for her to call me meant something big (and probably bad).

Needless to say, I was right. She was upset and in a fury that someone has stolen her idea for a new website. After asking probing questions, I found out the whole story. My sister had created a special formula to determine how the stock market was going to fluctuate before it happened. It sounded like magic to me, and after some more explaining, I realized she was talking about virtual currency (cryptocurrency).

Of course, this intrigued me because it’s so volatile and popular. Everyone seems to know of it, use it, or trade it. I’d been thinking of investing in Bitcoin myself, but I hadn’t done enough research.

The Next Level

My thoughts immediately went to this algorithm she had made. I asked her if she could still create the formula or if it was only a one-time thing. She said that she could, but someone else was going to do it, as well. Of course, my response was, “You need to do it first and do it better.”

Her issue wasn’t the creation of this special formula; instead, she was worried about the website. I’m highly creative when I’m in the right mindset, so I offered to design the site for her.

Not only did Bitcoin bring my sister and me closer together, but it also helped us become wealthy.

Once she created the algorithm, and the site was up and running, we tested it using our own money. Of course, we started making profits that same day, but we needed a few tweaks here and there. Finally, it was ready for testing. We asked our family members for help (giving them the money they needed to trade). Every single person made a profit that first day.

Now, everything is ready to go, and we have hundreds of members. This means you aren’t alone and can trade with average people just like you.

Bitcoin is exploding, and Bitcoin Treasure is here to ensure that you trade like the professionals, whether you’ve got experience or not. Don’t delay a second longer. Join our community and activate your account in just a few simple steps.